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About Daniele


I have always loved cooking. I remember attempting (and failing miserably) to make tortellini at the tender age of 7. My father, more so than my mother, was the earliest and biggest influence in the kitchen: he was creative and would make homemade pizza, pies, lasagna etc every weekend. It was his passion in the kitchen that inspired me to pursue and master many Italian classics, making traditional dishes as well as more experimental ones.


My food is fresh and flavorful, using quality local seasonal ingredients as much as possible - truest to the Italian philosophy.


I honed my experience for almost a decade, offering cooking classes, private dinners and catering for events in Italy. It was, and continues to be, such an amazing experience to be able to show people the country I love so much, by teaching them this important thing: how to eat! I moved to Austin in 2016, to continue where I left off in Italy, aiming to deliver authentic Italian food and the truest Italian experience!

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